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About Pictures Experience
At Pictures Experience, we specialise in customised and branded images for event marketing. From branded photos to animated Gifs, from videos to 3D images, we create and capture moments of brand engagement. These moments can then be shared by your event participants with their friends on social media.
Since 2010, we have completed hundreds of projects for clients across Europe – in fact, our work has taken us as far as Japan. We keep innovative, cutting-edge solutions close to your hearts – and it is the most demanding projects, the most unique requests, and the most difficult challenges that drive us to create those solutions.
Of course, it’s not all technology. We’re also a team that’s passionate about photography and excited by the role it can play in the ever-changing world of event marketing, where the impossible is turned into a smooth, image-based solution.
Our services

We specialise in creating customised image-based solutions. No two brands are the same, and our technology lets us change its features to match your requirements. From the consumer journey to the final digital or printed photo, we can accommodate almost any request. And we relish the challenge – after all, they help us develop our service in new, exciting ways!

Roaming photography

For brands investing in bigger events, roaming photography is the perfect tool for building reach and engagement. Photographers can snap a huge number of photos in every corner of the event space, which are then branded and uploaded for retrieval. Each photo is coded with a unique number printed on a personal retrieval card, which is handed to the event participant. Photos can then be accessed instantly, even using a smartphone, and shared on social media.

Static photography

At events where photos can be taken in a single location, static photography is the perfect answer. A manually-operated camera is equipped with a photo coding and branding application. That means that, as soon as a photo is taken, it is assigned a unique number, instantly branded, and uploaded directly from the camera. Then, the subjects of the photo are handed a personal retrieval card with a unique code that allows them to view their photo online and share it on social media.

Green Screen

Shooting photos against a green screen gives brands endless possibilities for engaging, surprising, and fun images – which are particularly eye-catching on social media. By replacing the green background with any image, we can turn the photo into almost any moment. And the whole process is semi-automated and instant – so participants can get on with sharing on social media while they’re still in the momentum of the event.

Photo Booth

A photo booth is an exciting way to capture the attention of your event attendees and let them take control of the photography themselves. We provide a wide range of booths, including options for standard photos or green-screen images. What’s more, the booths themselves can be branded and customised just as easily as the photos themselves.


As more and more people share video online, we’ve made it easier to capture short branded videos at your events. Just click the button in our application, record your 15 second video, and leave the application to brand it and upload it to the internet. From there, your participants can use their unique retrieval code (printed on their retrieval card) to view and share their video online. And if you’re combining videos with other assets, the same card can be conveniently used to access it all.

Animated Gifs

Gifs are fun to watch – and they attract a lot of attention when shared on social media. With our application, you can take 4 to 6 photos in rapid succession. These are then combined into a Gif file, branded with your identity, and uploaded to the internet. Your participants can then retrieve their Gifs instantly using their personal retrieval code, and share them across social media in a few clicks. Retrieval cards can also be used to tie several different types of content together, like photos and videos from different areas of your event.

360 Ring Camera Array

A set of cameras arranged in a circle allows you to take exciting and unique 3D images. These images can then be branded and made available for individual retrieval with the help of a personal retrieval card. The images are spectacular – and sure to be shared on social media – and, best of all, the camera circle can be arranged by two people in less than three hours.

Data capture

Data capture is a difficult task – many people simply find it difficult to part with their information. So we make it a more pleasurable task using photos. First, your event participants are offered a complimentary photo. Once it has been taken, your Brand Ambassador asks for the relevant data to complete a form – an easier task since a positive relationship has already been established. This data can then be linked to the photo retrieval code, which we can present to you in a complete CSV report.

Dynamic Photo Overlay

Creating unique and engaging content is always a challenge. But the dynamic photo overlay generated by our app makes it easy to add a personal mark in every photo. From the name of the participant, a customized comment, or their running time, the app can instantly add details that make the image even more unique. And even more interesting for social media sharing.

Content socialising

Almost any content can be coded and set up for sharing on social media. From hand-drawn pictures to digital images, our convenient app provides the technology to code them, upload them, and give your event participants an easy way to retrieve them and share via social media.

Social wall

With the Social Wall, event participants can have their branded photos instantly displayed on a public screen. It’s a way to give them that celebrity moment in the spotlight, while attracting other participants to engage with your brand and have their photos taken. The Social Wall can be highly customized in terms of how many photos are displayed, its composition, the photo display sequence, and more. It can also be used as an incentive to share content on social media, since only shared photos can be pulled into the display.

Onsite branded photo print

A printed photo handed out at an event can be a great give-away. Branded photos can be produced in seconds – as soon as they’re taken, the brand overlay is added and the photo is pushed to the printer. It’s quick, smooth, and easy.

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